So-Yeon Kim

(Re/De)Construction — A Manifesto

In (Re/De)Construction — A Manifesto the mental space of an autonomously acting graphic designer who starts her journey of hovering within the marginal landscape of design, art and research is being (re/de)constructed. Ideologies, statements and beliefs are materialised as words, forms and aesthetic ideas. In this process the graphic designer — who splits her personality into three parts of designer, artist, researcher — has fallen and climbed over numerous manifested structures of various heights, built by her predecessors, who have started voyaging through the landscape of margins a while ago. Taking in the almost infinite view of this complexity and multidimensionality, she is (re)arranging her own internal structures with an open ending of the narrative. Accompanying the (re/de)constructed structure of forms, fragmented texts by Sol LeWitt (“Sentences on Conceptual Art”), Walter De Maria (“Meaningless Work”) and Bert Taken, Jeroen Boomgaard (“Teaching Art in the Neoliberal Realm, Realism versus Cynicism — Between Romantic Isolation and Avant-Gardist Adaption”) explore the tensions in a multidimensional creative environment.