Marcus Wachter

PRSM3PMAA (back catalogue)

PHANTOM RADIO SATURDAY MATINEE 3PM ALL AGES is an open stage for parallel activities, a space-time as common moment based on shared and sharing experiences and the creation of temporary acts of love when bodies are not actually in close proximity. A total of 17 installments have been live-streamed on an irregular basis on Saturday afternoons at two separate (yet identical) locations – one channel for each location. Both channels play at the same time, for the duration of the particular stream.

The broad range of audio-based media offered a starting point for contributions relating to particular interests and research. The addition of a video source (a webcam capturing the scene, a stand-alone video work, etc.) is meant to exist in interaction and influence, allowing for attentiveness and interconnectivity.

A dialogue between both channels can be as cooperative or independent as the participants desire. Their combination reshaping personal practices into forms of radical openness. After all, it’s the gathering in multiplicities with whom to share in these events, with whom to share our lives, that brings us into contact with each other.
A website acts as a container, making it possible for listeners / viewers / audiences to control the audibility and visibility of the individ­­ual channels, while superimposing them on a sliding scale, creating endless variants of mixes.

PHANTOM RADIO SATURDAY MATINEE 3PM ALL AGES is a project initiated by Marcus Wachter with contributions by participants of Year 21 and Year 22 at Werkplaats Typografie, as well as external contributors. Web development by Alexander Tanazefti.