Emma Hazen


Unwraps explores limits of representation and signification of objects through their repeated translation between physical and digital space. The title, Unwraps, comes from the process of “unwrapping” a 3D object to create a UV texture map, which is a two-dimensional representation of a 3D object. To generate a UV texture map, 3D software algorithmically “unwraps,” or takes the basic shapes that make up a model and arranges them into a flat image that the user can easily add color, texture, and other surface attributes to. One could think of UV texture maps as analogous to sewing patterns for clothing.

Through this deconstruction from an actual object to 3D to 2D, the system of signification breaks down between the UV map and the object it represents. The grey poster paper references the default material of objects in 3D software, while the poster’s puffing paint can be read as another translation back into 3D space.